Oh Frak..

Another toaster?

ne m'incitez pas à descendre là
Carondelet High School - Concord CA (1978 - 1981)
Academy of Art University - San Francisco CA (1990 - 1994)
Interests: (18)
80's music, battlestar galactica, books, caribbean vacations, cats, cooking, dancing, games, good wines, history, learning new things, movies, photography, renaissance faires, sci-fi, theater, vampires, warm weather
I am a somewhat bubbly outgoing person, somewhat shy. Don't even try to figure it out, just accept it as I have.
I own my home, have two fuzzy cats that I just adopted named ShadowCat and Rogue, I work with the most bizzare group of lawyers and legal editors, and many of my blogs will be thinly veiled references to them.... (Insert evil laugh here)

I work Renaissance Faires on the weekends for fun and sometimes can't lose the accent when I get to work on Monday.

I danced for many years, did theater, love movies, almost always have a book with me that can range from History, to Sci-Fi, to Mystery, to Horror, to Autobiography, pretty much anything but Romance novels. I like my brain and want to keep it.

I am definately opinionated, if you don't want my opinion. DON'T ask.

So, other than that....most of my friend are here, and I enjoy meeting new people, so here I am.
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